New Chapter


  Guess what ? It's already 2013. A new year. Wow I can't believe how fast the time is moving. A new year means a new chapter, a new beginning of something great.

  This year, I plan to speak up more, listen and pay attention wisely. Embrace my haters, make friends with my enemies, and don't let any nonsense or drama take over me. I learned that you can't avoid drama and some people will dislike you for no reason and if I let them bother me, they'll always win. So I decided to ignore haters because I always remember that  haters make me even more famous.

  Nothing changes with a new year, but with a new attitude there is a new beginning. Every day that we woke up, there are endless opportunities awaiting for us. It is up to us to fulfill our potential and become a better person than we were yesterday. We have to leave the negative baggage in the past and welcome more prosperity in our future. We have what it takes to become a great person. May the New Year bring us peace and better tomorrows. Oh yeah, all the best to you guys who is going back to school, remember don't study hard but study smart. That's all for this post. Bye.

By Yasir Ahmad