No Rainbow Without A Little Rain


 Oh hello there, yes I know it has been a very long time I didn't update my blog and . . . ahhh who cares, no one is reading this right now. Haha.  It has been almost a year since the last time I updated this blog and a lot of things happened in my life (well not really "a lot"). Okay moving on with my story.

 Johor Matriculation College, that's the name of the college I'm currently studying at now. Nothing special here, except meeting some new friends and experiences. I'm not going to deny it, but of course it's very frustrating to always STUDY, STUDY and STUDY, sometimes I wish that I  have a time machine that will allow me to skip all of these studying phases and fast-forward my life to the part where I'm having a great job and life, but not all wishes will magically come true like in the movies.

 As a normal human being, facing trouble before getting what we want is totally normal as the saying goes, everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can't expect a rainbow without a little rain. So no matter how much hardship we're facing right now, always remember that there's a bright future waiting for us ahead, keep telling your innerself to never back down. Okay that's it for now. I'll update more soon. Adios~

By Yasir Ahmad

Happy Go Lucky

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Today is one of the happiest day for me. Why ? Because today is day the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) result came out. Alhamdulillah, I got 1A+ , 1A , 3A- , 1B , 1C+ , 1C and 1D . Some of you might ask why there's a D grade. Hahaha. It was because Chemistry is my least favourite subject. Here's tips for all who's gonna sit for SPM this year, " Study smart, don't study hard. " To be honest, I'm not that kind of student who will sit in front of book 24/7 to study or doing revision. Hell no ! My principle is easy, Happy Go Lucky. Hehe. But I didn't say that it work for everyone. Different people have different way of study. Anyway, I have to pen off now. Lastly, thanks to Allah.

By Yasir Ahmad

New Chapter


  Guess what ? It's already 2013. A new year. Wow I can't believe how fast the time is moving. A new year means a new chapter, a new beginning of something great.

  This year, I plan to speak up more, listen and pay attention wisely. Embrace my haters, make friends with my enemies, and don't let any nonsense or drama take over me. I learned that you can't avoid drama and some people will dislike you for no reason and if I let them bother me, they'll always win. So I decided to ignore haters because I always remember that  haters make me even more famous.

  Nothing changes with a new year, but with a new attitude there is a new beginning. Every day that we woke up, there are endless opportunities awaiting for us. It is up to us to fulfill our potential and become a better person than we were yesterday. We have to leave the negative baggage in the past and welcome more prosperity in our future. We have what it takes to become a great person. May the New Year bring us peace and better tomorrows. Oh yeah, all the best to you guys who is going back to school, remember don't study hard but study smart. That's all for this post. Bye.

By Yasir Ahmad

Almost There


  As you all know that I'm the 95's Batch. Yes, it's my SPM year. I'll sit for the exam starting this 5 November. It's just around the corner and I think I'm so ready for it. Not because I'm super Inteligent but it's because I really want the exam to ends as soon as possible. As a Pure Science stream student, I have a lot of subject to study and it is not easy for me. Add Math ? Biology ? Chemistry ? Physics ? Arghhh! It's driving me crazy, and that's why I really hope this war ends as soon as possible. 

  Dear 95's batch, can you believe how fast the time is moving ? I can't. I feel like yesterday was January but now it's almost the end of October. Damn! If time machine really exist, I bet some people might have used it right now. Haha. 

  A wise man once said, "You must first be a believer, in order to be an achiever." So lets believe in ourselves and pass the exam with flying colours. We can do this. Never Say Never right ? Lastly, lets rock the paper!

By Yasir Ahmad

Happy Eid Mubarak


  Assalamualaikum to all Muslim in the world. I just wanna say Happy Eid Mubarak to all of you. And again, here I am begging for forgiveness. My appology to all people that I know and to people who knew me. I'm sorry for all my fault all this time. Hope you guys will forgive me. As you guys know, month of Syawal is the Month of  Forgiveness, so I sincerely forgave who had hurt me or done something bad to me. Let's just forget the pass and start a new chapter. That's all for this post. Thanks.

By Yasir Ahmad

Beautiful Ramadan



  Asalammualaikum to Muslim and Helo to Non-Muslim. Firstly, my apology to all this blog loyal stalker because it have been a very long time I didn't update this blog. Again, pardon me.

  So as we all know, we're now in the month of Ramadan. As a Muslim, we have to fasting in this beautiful month. I'm began fully fasting since I was 11. Never skip a day. *Hoore to myself* Haha. Some people say fasting make us weak. I totally disagree with them. For me, fasting make us even stronger. Fasting show us the suffering of some poor people that barely able to eat everyday. Poor them. Hmm.

  Month of Ramadan is also very special because in Ramadan, the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are shut, and the satan are tied up and the reward for good deeds, acts of charity and acts of worship are multiplied in this month. Great isn't ? So let's do more charity in this month. Hope Allah will bless our life. That's all for this post. Goodbye and Happy Ramadan.

By Yasir Ahmad

Big Part Of My Life


  Mama, Thanks for loving me. Thanks for always being there for me when I need you. Thanks for being understanding. Thanks for always supporting me. Thanks for everything. I Love You Mama. Happy Mothers Day.

  It's easy to show our appreciation to our mom, but it's not easy to give back what our mother had gave us. It's not easy. Trust me. Our mother had been the person who take care of us since we're just a baby. Their sacrifacation to us is way too big if compared to any other things. Please appreciate our mothers.

By Yasir Ahmad

Finally, It's Over


  Hey there, it's quiet a long time I didn't update this blog. I'm truely sorry. Lately I was busy with final exam. Yeah, things that I hate the most. Urgh! But what can I do. I'm a student, and exam is compulsory. I'm just really glad that it's finally over. I don't have to face the book anymore. I hate it.

  As I'm updating today, just wanna say that I'm okay. I have a great day lately. Alhamdullilah. I can't wait for the school holiday. I wanna be free from this school. I hate the rules. The only way you can survive from the rules is to be a fully lifess nerd. How pathetic is that ?

  Some of my friend did ask me to hang out today but I don't know. I prefer spending more quality time with my family instead of going out with them. Oh yeah, there's a new movie showing this week. I love that movie. That's it, I'd decided what I'm going to do this weekend. I wanna watch that movie with... err shit! I don't have a girlfriend. Huh, I'm so jealous with my friend who have girlfriend. Nahhh, whatever. I'd been single for a while, and I'm okay with it. Well, actualy I'm not. Argh! Stop it. I'm getting emotional right now and it's not cool. Bye.

By Yasir Ahmad

Hey! I'm Sixteen


  So today is my birthday. The party was amazing and I had the best birthday ever. I've been smiling, laughing and joking a lot today. It was great. This year my birthday was celebrated with my lovely family and homies. I wanna thanks all my friends who came to my party today. The party was kinda wild right ? Haha. I hate the moment the when you guys poured the flour on me then threw some egg to me. Euw, it's disgusting! However, I enjoyed it. Thanks a lot guys.

  Today I'm turning sixteen, it's meant my responsible in life has become bigger. I have to be a role model for my siblings. I'm very greatful with my life. I have the best parents ever. I love them very much. Lastly, thanks to Allah. Now I'm a young man.

By Yasir Ahmad

Syawal's Coming


   Guess what ? It's the month Syawal already. What's that supposed to means ? Yeah, it's Aidilfitri. Woohoo! I feel very happy right now. This is the moment that I love the most through out the year. After a month of fasting, finally I can taste my favourite food, Ketupat and Rendang. Yummy! My stomach will always full and happy on this month. Trust me on that. Haha
   On this post, I would like to say sorry to my parents, friends, teachers, and people around me. I know sometime I had done a mistake and I didn't have the chance to say sorry. So here I am begging for forgiveness. Hope you guys will forgive me.
   Lastly, I wish all the Muslim in the world can celebrate their Aidilfitri peacefully. Don't forget to say 'Alhamdullillah'. One more thing, let's pray for Palestine. Hope they will free from the evil Zionist. Bye.

By Yasir Ahmad

Testing, 123


  Hello there. So this is my first post on this poor blog. Haha. What do you guys expect from me huh ? Writing damn beautiful language like William Shakespeare ? Or dirty language like Eminem ? Which is almost impossible for me. To be honest, I don't have any idea on what I'm going to write today. I started blogging when I saw many of my friend blogging too. I found it very interesting and a great hobby. It also a good way to improve my writing skills. Oh yeah, my mom is calling. I'll update more soon.

By Yasir Ahmad