Almost There


  As you all know that I'm the 95's Batch. Yes, it's my SPM year. I'll sit for the exam starting this 5 November. It's just around the corner and I think I'm so ready for it. Not because I'm super Inteligent but it's because I really want the exam to ends as soon as possible. As a Pure Science stream student, I have a lot of subject to study and it is not easy for me. Add Math ? Biology ? Chemistry ? Physics ? Arghhh! It's driving me crazy, and that's why I really hope this war ends as soon as possible. 

  Dear 95's batch, can you believe how fast the time is moving ? I can't. I feel like yesterday was January but now it's almost the end of October. Damn! If time machine really exist, I bet some people might have used it right now. Haha. 

  A wise man once said, "You must first be a believer, in order to be an achiever." So lets believe in ourselves and pass the exam with flying colours. We can do this. Never Say Never right ? Lastly, lets rock the paper!

By Yasir Ahmad