Finally, It's Over


  Hey there, it's quiet a long time I didn't update this blog. I'm truely sorry. Lately I was busy with final exam. Yeah, things that I hate the most. Urgh! But what can I do. I'm a student, and exam is compulsory. I'm just really glad that it's finally over. I don't have to face the book anymore. I hate it.

  As I'm updating today, just wanna say that I'm okay. I have a great day lately. Alhamdullilah. I can't wait for the school holiday. I wanna be free from this school. I hate the rules. The only way you can survive from the rules is to be a fully lifess nerd. How pathetic is that ?

  Some of my friend did ask me to hang out today but I don't know. I prefer spending more quality time with my family instead of going out with them. Oh yeah, there's a new movie showing this week. I love that movie. That's it, I'd decided what I'm going to do this weekend. I wanna watch that movie with... err shit! I don't have a girlfriend. Huh, I'm so jealous with my friend who have girlfriend. Nahhh, whatever. I'd been single for a while, and I'm okay with it. Well, actualy I'm not. Argh! Stop it. I'm getting emotional right now and it's not cool. Bye.

By Yasir Ahmad