Syawal's Coming


   Guess what ? It's the month Syawal already. What's that supposed to means ? Yeah, it's Aidilfitri. Woohoo! I feel very happy right now. This is the moment that I love the most through out the year. After a month of fasting, finally I can taste my favourite food, Ketupat and Rendang. Yummy! My stomach will always full and happy on this month. Trust me on that. Haha
   On this post, I would like to say sorry to my parents, friends, teachers, and people around me. I know sometime I had done a mistake and I didn't have the chance to say sorry. So here I am begging for forgiveness. Hope you guys will forgive me.
   Lastly, I wish all the Muslim in the world can celebrate their Aidilfitri peacefully. Don't forget to say 'Alhamdullillah'. One more thing, let's pray for Palestine. Hope they will free from the evil Zionist. Bye.

By Yasir Ahmad